Looking For Wholesale Or Retail MREs? Try XMRE!

Looking For Wholesale Or Retail MREs? Try XMRE!

There are a number of reasons why a person might want to stock up on MREs. They’re great for when you’re going camping since they’re easy to carry and yet provide all the nutrition you need. They’re also great for when you want to store food, perhaps in a shelter of some kind. They last for months, potentially years, which means they’ll always be good to go.

If you’re in these types of situations, then it may be worthwhile to consider wholesaling your MREs. And if you’re going to wholesale, XMRE is the best place out there. But if you’re not sure why you might want to wholesale MREs, then you may not really understand how beneficial MREs can be.

What Is An MRE?

In basic terms, it’s a Meal Ready to Eat (which is where the name comes from). It’s an amount of food; usually, an entree, a side dish, drink, and some snacks and desert, kept in a vacuum sealed and weather resistant pouch. The meal will consist of 1,300 to 1,500 calories, which makes it an entire meal even for someone who’s been out doing a lot of physical activity.

Most people are familiar with MREs in terms of the military, and it’s true that you can usually get military grade MREs. These come from soldiers and veterans who have some amount leftover from what they were requisitioned, or from what they purchased at the store on base. These can generally be found on E-Bay, or through gun shows and military surplus stores. They often come in more variety and are cheaper than civilian MREs.

However, you can never know what condition the MREs are in. While they’ll always be edible, an MRE left out in the Iraqi sun for twelve hours isn’t necessarily going to taste very good. Plus, extreme conditions can degrade the food, to the point where the end result could be food with almost no nutritional value at all. This is why, even though civilian MREs come in less variety and are a bit more expensive, it’s generally better to buy them than the military MREs.

And if you want to get MREs in wholesale, then XMRE is the place to go.

XMRE And Wholesale Of MREs

As mentioned previously, getting MREs in wholesale can be a great idea. It allows you to stock up, ensuring that you have enough food set aside should you go camping or have an emergency situation. It also lets you grab an MRE if you can’t manage to pack a lunch for the day!

XMRE is a manufacturer that specialises in carrying top grade civilian MREs. You can’t get military MREs retail, since the United States government has made direct sales of military MREs illegal. However, this simply allows XMRE to carry a wide variety of different styles and meals, some of which you can’t find in the military MREs.

The most popular style of MRE is the XT series, which consists of the 1000XT, the 1300XT, the 2200XT and the 3000XT. Each of these contains a different number of calories, with the 2200XT and the 3000XT containing several meals so that you have an entire day’s worth of food. There’s also the XMRE Lite, which consists of a lightweight meal of between 600 to 900 calories. Lastly, there are the Halal meals, which have four different meal sizes.

XMRE also carries a Blue Line product, which is built according to the strict specifications of medical and education institutions, and this style of MRE is also available in wholesale cases. They do not need to be purchased individually.

For those MREs that are available in wholesale, XMRE sells them in cases of 12 (the largest size they are legally allowed to sell). This may not seem like wholesale, because it’s not. The wholesale numbers are when you purchase pallets of multiple cases. When you’re buying so much product, XMRE works hard to ensure that it gets to you safely and quickly, and you get an affordable price. There are also special features for those who use XMRE to help supply their shop!

And of course, XMRE is dedicated to helping you through any emergency situation. They can air-drop meals if need be, and have multiple other resources to ensure quick delivery.

This is why XMRE is the best place to get civilian and military grade MREs. Even though they’re for the civilian, they use all military grade ingredients in their meals. You won’t have to worry about having water around, all the meals are ready to eat right out of the package. As if all that wasn’t enough, they’re guaranteed to last for years.

That’s really all you could ever ask out of an MRE, and XMRE is simply dedicated to bringing you the highest quality MREs at the most affordable price possible.