Home Styles- Some Insights

Home Styles- Some Insights

Western style is what most people envision as the typical log home. The three main types, which are the ranch house, mountain house and Southwestern-style house.

The ranch house is similar to what the Western pioneers built, made of stacked round logs with dovetail notches to connect them. Ranch style log houses are rugged and basic, and they can hold a crowd. Usually, they are single-story homes with long roofs and horizontal lines, making them well suited to flat land. The homes are large, welcoming and communal, usually featuring wraparound porches.

Mountain-style homes in the West are made from huge, handcrafted logs similar to those of the Adirondack style. They tend to look like Alpine hunting lodges, with steep, heavy roofs and shallow porches. Usually, there are many large windows, often grouped together, to maximize the mountain views.

Southwestern log homes are typically built with log beams and adobe. The roofs are made of ceramic tiles, either flat or shallowly pitched. Most Southwestern-style homes show heavy Spanish influence, with wrought iron railings, carved doors and central courtyard spaces.

Finally, Mission or Arts and Crafts style, popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright, appears in both Eastern and Western log homes. Square logs and tall, narrow windows characterize this style. Asian motifs, natural materials and hand-made hardware are important to this style of home. Are you daydreaming of owning a luxurious home lavished with unique furnishings or perhaps your mind wanders to the charming little cottage nestled among the trees? What about a country style farmhouse tucked away out in the sticks with nothing but the honeysuckle scented breeze and birds as your neighbors? Perhaps you would rather feel soft glistening sand beneath your feet as you step off of the deck of your new beachfront retreat. Just imagine the possibilities.